Our collection features Ivor's popular songs and some lessor known one's as well. These have been sequenced to midi files for your Internet entertainment by Dr. James Pitt-Payne.
James born in.1947, always hankered after music and played Principal Trumpet in his College orchestra under Paul Beard FRAM, bugled more last posts on sundry occasions than he cares to remember and played a 120 bass Hohner Mk3 Piano Accordion. He trained for some years with his voice and sang in a competition which was judged by Olive Gilbert in 1969. However, his musical bent was thwarted by his father who rather insisted that he trained as a doctor. Pianos were hard to find but there was quite a good one at Guy's Hospital and there was a Bechstein upright on loan at home. He had a brief Indian Summer of public performing on four occasions in the U.S. in the nineties - nothing special but something to look back on, and then a mild stroke stopped the right hand and he took to midi sequencing as the next best thing.

He very much hopes to leave medicine behind him soon and settle to more music production with just a touch of psycho-analysis, in which he trained, to keep the wolf from the door.

He married Jacqui in 1972 and there are two sons, Charles and William. His late parents saw one of Ivor Novello's shows in 1945 and there were 78's to play on the wind-up gramophone in childhood. His mother could never hear Novello's music without becoming somewhat lachrymose as it reminded her of the wartime separation. "We'll Gather Lilacs" usually being the cause!

The reason he always credits Doug Grierson, long time friend and funeral director, in his sequences is because it was Grierson who did so much to help him on the road with his midi sequencing, computer assistance, and the gathering of old music from boot fairs and the like at a time when ill-health was making life difficult.

He would also like to make it clear, copyright permitting, that his sequences may be freely distributed, and altered, by anyone who wishes to use them.


And Her Mother Came Too 1921 Shine Through My Dreams
Fold Your Wings Waltz of My Heart
Glamorous Night Selection Wings of Sleep
I Can Give You The Starlight My Life Belongs to You
Keep The Home Fires Burning My Dearest Dear
Someday My Heart Will Awake Primrose
Fly Home Little Heart The Leap Year Waltz
Love is My Reason We'll Gather Lilacs
Gates of Paradise The Land of Might Have Been
Rose of England Gays the Word Selection

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