Ghost Lights finale for The London Song Festival on Friday 11th December at 7pm, broadcast on Saturday 12th December via LSF Youtube at 7pm. Delighted to announce that our final cast will be: Rosemary Ashe as Dorothy Dickson - Rebecca Louise Dale as Mary Ellis - Justina Kehinde as Elisabeth Welch - Fenton Gray as Ivor Novello. Musical Director is Nigel Foster - Choreographer is Aimee Leigh - Written & Directed by David Slattery-Christy. Music by Ivor Novello & Noel Coward. Addtional music by our competition winners Seth Bisen-Hersh & Chris Swithinbank. V/O by Steve Royle. SFX by David Brown. Filmed by Artist Digital. Heritage Theatre Technicians Steve Sheard and Andrew Bailey. Costumes by Liz Dennis at UK Productions. Wigs by Craig Forrest-Thomas.

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