2014 marks the centenary of Ivor writing 'Keep the Home Fires Burning' one of the most popular songs of World War One. The Bureau is pleased to announce the installation of a new plaque to mark the resting place of Ivor in the grounds of Golders Green Crematorium, North London. The picture also shows a new lilac tree that was replaced recently.


Ivor spent part of his childhood schooling in Gloucester and as a young man studied under the Cathedral's organist Sir Herbert Brewer. Sadly, Ivor has not been officially remembered in any part of the city, so when a recent appeal for funds to build the counties new Jet Age Museum was launched we thought it was a golden opportunity to ensure Ivor's name was included on the wall of memories inside the museum. Ivor always spoke fondly of his days in Gloucester and perhaps we should remember that as a young man he joined the Royal Flying Corps but it is documented that his piloting skills were fairly disastrous!
For more information about Gloucester's new Jet Age Museum please follow this link:


Sir Cameron Does it Again in 2007
Sir Cameron Mackintosh has once again done his splendid best in memory of Ivor. At the end of last year he arranged to have a most attractive, illuminated, glass display cabinet fitted in the Waldorf bar of his newly renamed Novello theatre (formerly the Strand, where Ivor had his flat above) in London’s Aldwych. With the help and support of Rosy Runciman, Sir Cameron’s dedicated archivist, we have been able to display various items from our collection. This includes some lovely silverware that was presented to Ivor by the cast of his various major, musical plays. The Novello theatre has been so tastefully decorated with memorabilia, much of it from our archive, that it has become a shining memorial to Ivor and his life’s achievements.
Ivor Returns to the West End
How tremendous it was to learn earlier last year that the world-famous conductor George Daugherty and David Lik Wong were planning to take Ivor back into London’s West End. For one night only they staged a fabulous concert with Sinfonia Britannia, a full orchestra (to the exact size Ivor had specified for his London shows) plus a line-up of world -famous vocalists. The evening of Sunday September 10th 2006 was a really memorable occasion and one that
should have seen the Novello theatre bursting at the seams. Patron, Marilyn Hill Smith, was one of the sopranos. Her article in this issue explains clearly why the concert was not the sell-out it should have been. I received a letter from George Daugherty the week following the show. His upset and despair at the lack of any media recognition for his Novello event in the West End was only too real and very familiar to myself. Here was a highly-talented American, so impressed with the works of Novello that he went to great lengths to present his work in this country, to the very highest standards, only to be virtually ignored. He was clearly perplexed by the experience and wondered if I had any thoughts or advice. It pains me to have to tell people that generally, unless the media are referring to Ivor’s petrol rationing experience in the war or delving into his private life (which to me seems so long ago it’s now extremely boring), they have virtually no interest in the man’s real talents and the wonderful legacy of music he has left us. George wanted to take this concert to new venues around the country and what a joy it would have been but, truth to tell, I felt at a complete loss to be able to offer any sound advice.
A Quiet Drink with Mr Novello One brighter note on the horizon: we can now boast a new Novello public house, to be found just down the road from Littlewick Green, on the main A4 between Maidenhead and Reading. Themed with Ivor’s work and music, I understand it is a most pleasant place to visit for a quiet drink or tasty meal. Tel: 01628 825753
Ivor Now in Church Before I take my leave I should mention that we are extremely pleased to report that the bronze head of Ivor is now installed in Littlewick Green church.
May I ask you to support us when you can - by attending our functions and buying our recordings - help us to keep Ivor’s flag flying.
Most sincerely, Nick Gaze INAB Administrator
by Dr Larry Mandon
Walk together down an English lane... June 2006 was a truly remarkable moment in my life, for the first time in some 55 years my wife Sally and I walked together down an English lane which led us to Littlewick Green - to recapture what had been for me a most formative part of my life. The years that I worked and walked with Ivor Novello, in his musicals and his life at Redroofs. A moment of nostalgic wanderings which brought back memories of great delight of a man of immense charm and dignity, always surrounded by persons of unbelievable talents. It brought back memories of rehearsals at the old Stoll Theatre where an evening of entertainments was being put together as a Tribute to Ivor Novello shortly after his death, in which every known Star of Theatre, Film, Opera and Ballet contributed their unique skills for an increditable performance, far too many persons to mention by name, but nothing was spared to make this the greatest tribute ever seen on an English stage. It was during these rehearsals that I first met my wife to be, Sally, it was during a break that I mentioned to her that it was my Birthday, to which she replied that she would buy me the coffee and cake, which eventually has led to 55 years of marriage (07.07.07.) and over 30 years of singing together around the world. I think the romantic notion of all that would very much have been approved and applauded by Ivor. The visit to Maidenhead reminded me of so much that had passed with the years. It was a unique experience that brought back to life so many persons who, sadly are no longer with us and who had contributed so much to those glamorous rapturous nights in the theatre and whose brilliance lit up our lives and the theatre hoardings. I look forward to June 9th. 2007 to recapture even more of the glorious nostalgic moments down memory lane and to meet again so many charming and loyal Ivor Novello fans !
Yours very sincerely Dr.Larry M. March 2007

***It is with great sadness we report that Larry passed away in 2011.
To celebrate the first anniversary of 'King's Rhapsody' in 1950 Ivor had a performance filmed and presented to the cast at the Palace Theatre, London. We understand there were at least two copies of the film made and for many years we have been searching in vain for one of the copies. If any of you have heard, or know anything about this film we would be so very grateful to hear from you. We must add this film has nothing to do with the Errol Flynn and Anna Neagle commercial production of 'King's Rhapsody'.

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